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June 13, 2009


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Sayan Neviot

Actually, by committing crimes, he has relinquished his right to Israeli citizenship. Jews who are wanted do not get to live happily ever after in Israel... they get extradited / deported.

Thanks for posting this, and for your continues excellent work, Laura.

(aka Kafir Alalalzoo)

Just me

I do beleive the Gaza is the number one cause of much of the terrorism in the world. The treatment of the Palestinian peoples by the Isreali's is very sad. One can understand, if they chose empathy, the deep seated hatred and anger that many terrorists show toward Isreal in the uprooting of the Palestinians from Jerusalem and surrounding areas. THese people lost their identity and their homeland and their sense of ethnicity. THey have been forced to live in tents, beg for food, lost their jobs, ect. The war is as old as the Balfour agreement. Does it give people the right to kill? It alays takes two to tango, and death comes in many ways not always by bombs and rockets, but starvation and disease in dishonorable living conditions. I dont agree with terorism, but I also do not agree with the way Isreal treats the Gazans.

D company

"Isn’t it embarrassing and shameful enough for a person to carry thhe citizenship ?


Committing murder didn't stop Samuel Sheinbein, the murderer, from receiving Israeli citizenship.



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